How To Clean Keyboard Properly

(Step By Step Guide)

Many people think that their keyboards need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

This is true. Dust, lint, and gunk build up on the surface of a keyboard. These contaminants can affect the performance of your computer. 

Different types of keyboards need different types of care.

This blog post outlines some of the best keyboard cleaning tips. These are good options if you don't like getting sticky and/or smelly.

Here is the best way to clean the keyboard properly. 

Due to the regular touching of fingers, the keyboard gets dirty very quickly. 

Hence it is important to clean the keyboard from time to time otherwise, it will stop working and may result in keyboard damage.

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Step By Step Guide To Clean Keyboard Properly

A keyboard cleaner will make the keyboard look and feel better. And it’s great for prolonging its life. 

Sometimes, when your keyboard keys are not working then it might be because your keyboard requires cleaning.

The best cleaning methods are to clean the keyboard with a cloth dipped in a liquid (e.g., demineralized water or IPA) and a cotton swab. 

The cloth should be dampened to avoid getting water on the case. 

Make sure the area of the keyboard you want to be cleaned is not blocked by any keys. 

You may need to turn off the computer first.

1. One of the reasons keyboards get dirty so quickly is that we're often touching it while we type. 

So to keep your keyboard clean, make sure to always have a cleaning solution at the ready.

2. When typing, we tend to lean on our keyboards, and that puts pressure on the keys, which creates grime.

3. You should not be shaking your computer or banging it on a table while cleaning.

4. A dust vacuum can help get rid of most of the particles stuck to your keyboard.

5. For those small particles, screen wipes are helpful.

6. You should never use cotton swabs to clean your keyboard. Instead, use an eraser or something similar.

Steps To Clean The Keyboard Properly

To clean the external keyboard, first of all, unplug it from the computer, after that turn your keyboard upside down and blow out some air.

After that, use a cotton swab with some alcohol and rub it into the keys to clean the keyboard properly. 

Use the dry lint-free cloth to remove the last of the dust, and polish your keyboard.

Meanwhile, here is the step-by-step guide for that.

Remove any dust from inside the case that might have gotten onto the keyboard's switches. Use a damp paper towel or clean cotton swab to clean the switch contacts.

Spray the entire inside of the case with a can of compressed air (the kind you use for cleaning computers). This should blow most of the dust away.

If you still notice some dust stuck in the keyboard, you can remove it manually.

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 Steps To Clean Keyboard PCBs (Properly)

This post section is about the cleaning process of PCB with IPA (isopropyl alcohol).

This technique has been tested in my lab and works very well.

The PCB contains a few capacitors and resistors, which are easily accessible with a small brush and a bit of IPA.

Here is the step-by-step guide for it.

1. Clean Your PC With Soft Cloth And Small Brush. Here we have to clean the motherboard after using it.

2. Clean the keyboard board using a soft cloth and a small brush.

3. Use alcohol to wipe off the fingerprints or smudge on the keyboard board.

4. Clean the keyboard board using a soft cloth and a small brush.

5. You can use some soft cloth, such as the cloth used for cleaning the car seat, to clean the keyboard board.

Dust, liquids, and crumbs can cause serious damage to a laptop’s LCD screen. So, when it comes to handling your laptop, keep it clean and dry. 

Always wipe your laptop with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth before storing it. 

These are the best ways to clean the keyboard properly.

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